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Who We Are

Spirituality Gone Wild™ is an online resource community for spiritually curious people to find teachers, guides, artists and products to raise your vibration and lift your soul energy. We are a team of compassionate co-creators dedicated to raising the levels of compassion, gratitude, love, kindness and peace on earth. We endeavor to empower others for the greater good of humanity.


Debbie Gratitude - Cuppa Grata

I am known for my work with that beautiful word gratitude and the phrase I’ve coined, Spark the G-vibe (that’s your gratitude vibration). My other favorite statement is ‘Without your dark, you wouldn’t know your spark” which most everyone can connect with. I eat, breath, sleep, dance with and adore gratitude. 

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Karen Palmer - What Else is Possible?

Karen Palmer is a mom who made a wish that sparked a kindness revolution. She has gone from homeless to becoming a Global Kindness Leader and Internationally known educator. Karen is a best-selling author and popular online talk show host. Her organization is dedicated to educating children and families about environmental issues, animal advocacy, kindness, mindfulness, and compassion. 

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David Strickel - The Stream of David

Channeling is not some weird, out-of-the-mainstream thing that many believe it to be. Everyone is actually a channel because everyone has their own Stream of Source energy flowing to them at all times and have access to the eternal knowledge of Source.

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Josie Herndon - Drama to Dharma | Recovery View

Josie Ramirez-Herndon, Founder and CEO of Advanced Therapeutic Services and Recoveryview.com/Villareal & Associates, has been working in the field of Healthcare, Behavioral Health and Addiction Services since 1987.

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TJ Woodward - Mindfulness Monday

Revolutionary recovery expert, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and treatment specialist

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Saf Buxy - Saf's Surgery

I currently embody the role of a recovered addict, Inspirational speaker, Addiction Specialist, Behavioral Coach, Radio and Talk show host, but above all a survivor.

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Joe Atalig - Love Wave Live

Joe Atalig is a speaker, personal growth coach, published author and founder of The Love Wave, a movement that is purposed to teach, impart and demonstrate the undeniable possibilities when we look at life through the lens of love.

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Steve Weber - American Gumption

Steve's own life demonstrates how you can live your life with Gumption and achieve more success, peace of mind, and love. As Host of American Gumption, Steve shines a spotlight on ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

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Radiance Tyler - True EQ

How do we transform the world? Supporting one another in the bigger vision and best version of sustainable care. Rise, bring your heart, you are needed.

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Katrina Vaillancourt - Igniting Compassion

Katrina Vaillancourt is passionate about compassion and the teachings of Nonviolent Communication™. Katrina is a relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, artists and creator of Love Smart Cards.

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